Closely resembles the Steam Roller which started production as early as the late 1800

Units depend on their weight for effective compaction. The mass of the machine is used to apply pressure on the upper surface. Each unit has 3 large driven drums
and articulated steering.

Ideal working environment

Conditions where vibratory compaction is not allowed- Equal static linear pressure across all drums provide uniform compaction. This enables the unit to deliver a smooth finish.

Road Construction- These units remain vastly popular for smoothing asphalt, dirt and rock.

Breakdown rolling- This process breaks the material down on the first pass with the roller facilitating compaction and requires a unit with a higher weigh capacity.

Our availability

  • Makes- Hamm, Galion, Sakai & Aveling-Barford.
  • Sizes- From 12 to 16 tons.
  • All Manufacturing Specifications available upon request.