Units apply a force equal to the air pressure in their tyres. They feature one row of tyres both at the front and back of each unit. The flexibility of the tyres provide a kneading action which seals the surface. This action combined with some vertical movement of the wheels allows the roller to effortlessly function on uneven ground.

Some of the benefits of using a Pneumatic Tyre Roller:

Asphalt- Units knead the hot asphalt mix by working each of their oscillating tyres into the asphalt mat. This action not only achieves a denser compaction but also drives the bigger aggregate in the mix down and brings the fine aggregate to the top sealing the asphalt better, thus eliminating voids and preventing water intrusions.

Base- In conjunction with a Steel Drum Roller they can accomplish a better density or compaction before paving, therefore improving the look of the finished product.

Crusher Stone and Chip-Seal Surfaces- Not only is their working speed well matched to a Chip spreader, but it is less likely for a Pneumatic Tyre Roller to fracture natural occurring soils and stone whilst compacting.

What do we offer in this range?

Makes- Sany, Dynapac, Hamm and Gallion just to name a few.

Sizes- 14 Ton, 21 Ton and 25 Ton

Each unit’s individual manufacturer specifications available upon request